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Amen Dunes ‘Love’ Album Review 

Amen Dunes 'Love' Album Review

What reverberates throughout Amen Dunes’ Love is the lure of some unnamed mystic and an unspoken tragedy. A stunner, a keeper, Love is one of the year’s treasures.

Jenny Scheinman ‘The Littlest Prisoner’ Album Review 

Jenny Scheinman 'The Littlest Prisoner' Album Review

The jazz violinist, Jenny Scheinman, releases yet one more album of genre-hopping vocal brilliance.

Real Ponchos ‘Since I Let You Go’ Album Review  Read more...

Real Ponchos 'Since I Let You Go' Album Review

Steeped in the traditions of old country and filled by the outlaw vibes of the 70s sound, Real Ponchos have forged an album that is classic in its scope and soul, but very modern in its sound.

The Casual Cool of Real Ponchos 

The Casual Cool of Real Ponchos

Self-described as a Country Psychedelic Soul band, more apt now than on their self-titled debut, Real Ponchos riff off the 1970s country-rock vibe, casting Crazy Horse rockers alongside cosmic jams a la The Dead.

This Week In New Grooves: 05/02/14 

This Week In New Grooves: 05/02/14

Lana Del Rey, The Afghan Whigs, Bruce Springsteen, and Drive-By Truckers are featured in this week’s New Grooves.

Shane Abram Nelken, ‘Your War Is At Home’ Album Review  Read more...

Shane Abram Nelken, 'Your War Is At Home' Album Review

There’s no shortage of sadness or heartache in the world, or, adversely, wit and repartee, but there are very few albums as singular and striking as Shane Abram Nelken‘s solo debut, ‘Your War Is At Home’.

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