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Vivascene's Top 10 Lists
What’s Goin’ On In Ferguson?
When St.Louis police officers killed Mike Brown, an unarmed black teenager, last week, they kicked off a shitstorm of protest and social upheaval that has been playing out on CNN, Twitter and other social med… Read more
Top 10 Great Obscure Albums You Need To Hear
You won't find these at iTunes. You won't find them on CD. You may find them at one of the few record stores still extant, the ones that sell both new and used vinyl. This stuff is worth the search.… Read more
Vivascene’s Top 10 Overrated Artists
Writing up Overrated Artists is fraught with danger, as likely to generate calls of elitism, slander and libel, as well as the occasional hate-mail from the disgruntled fans of said artists. We'll take the chance, believing i… Read more
Vivascene’s Top 10 Overrated Guitarists
No stranger to controversy, we take on another herd of sacred cows, this one a group of over-celebrated guitarists. Something for you to fret about, we hope. … Read more
Vivascene’s Top 10 Overrated Films
10 films whose buildup belies the boredom therein, whose erroneous cries of originality are actually just yaps of vapid expression and copied cliché.… Read more
10 Reasons Why The Smiths Ruled the ’80s
Like Lennon-McCartney in the '60s and Strummer-Jones in the '70s, the English tandem of Morrissey-Marr defined a generation of pop music. … Read more
Top 10 Deep Cuts of The Clash
Vivascene presents the rarest, deepest tracks of The Clash: vibrant, exciting and essential cuts worth the search.… Read more
Top 10 Deep Cuts: the Lemonheads
Wherein Shane confesses his full-fledged adoration of the band from Boston (no, not that one, the other one: the Lemonheads).… Read more
Chrissie Hynde’s 10 Best Moments
In anticipation of Chrissie Hynde's solo debut, we look back at the tracks that brought her to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. … Read more
Editors' Picks
'The Double' Film Review‘The Double’ Film Review
A retro-dystopian future akin to Brazil ,with a whisper of Kafka, a smattering of Coen Brothers screwball, and a ful… Read more
'Only Lovers Left Alive' Film Review‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ Film Review
Jim Jarmusch's new film Only Lovers Left Alive ranks with his best work; it's a paean of ceaseless rejuvenation and cinematic… Read more
John Smith: The Guitarist's Guitarist, The Songwriter's SongwriterJohn Smith: The Guitarist’s Guitarist, The Songwriter’s Songwriter
From Devon, England comes forth John Smith, a musical talent that has quietly taken the guitar world and the folk scene by s… Read more
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 'Hypnotic Eye' Album ReviewTom Petty & The Heartbreakers ‘Hypnotic Eye’ Album Review
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers regain the fire in their bellies with 'Hypnotic Eye', a sure contender for rock album of the ye… Read more

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Bob Dylan 'Highway 61 Revisited': The Number One Rock Album Of All Time
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'Highway 61 Revisited' contains no weak tunes, something which cannot be said for any other Dylan album. … Read more

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