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Vivascene's Top 10 Lists
Vivascene’s Top 10 Overrated Guitarists
No stranger to controversy, we take on another herd of sacred cows, this one a group of over-celebrated guitarists. Something for you to fret about, we hope. … Read more
Vivascene’s Top 10 Overrated Films
10 films whose buildup belies the boredom therein, whose erroneous cries of originality are actually just yaps of vapid expression and copied cliché.… Read more
10 Reasons Why The Smiths Ruled the ’80s
Like Lennon-McCartney in the '60s and Strummer-Jones in the '70s, the English tandem of Morrissey-Marr defined a generation of pop music. … Read more
Top 10 Deep Cuts of The Clash
Vivascene presents the rarest, deepest tracks of The Clash: vibrant, exciting and essential cuts worth the search.… Read more
Top 10 Deep Cuts: the Lemonheads
Wherein Shane confesses his full-fledged adoration of the band from Boston (no, not that one, the other one: the Lemonheads).… Read more
Chrissie Hynde’s 10 Best Moments
In anticipation of Chrissie Hynde's solo debut, we look back at the tracks that brought her to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. … Read more
A 10-Step Guide to Morrissey
Morrissey's work will always be (fairly or unfairly) compared and analsyed next to his work with The Smiths. When assessed for its own merits, the solo Morrissey offers as rich and full a discography. … Read more
Top 10 Deep Cuts of Pete Townshend
Forget the hit songs and the classics, let's explore a bit further down the rabbit hole. Upend the couch cushions, clean out the cupboards, blow up the vaults, and let's dig into something rarely heard. These are - Deep Cuts.… Read more
Top 10 Classic Jazz Deep Cuts
Part 1 in a series of Deep and Delicious jazz cuts. We kick it off with 10 classic tracks. … Read more
Editors' Picks
Afrofuturism: Space is the PlaceAfrofuturism: Space is the Place
In a media world so overwhelmingly Eurocentric, Afrofuturism provides alternatives. The movement has been around for decades … Read more
Summer Songs That Don't SuckSummer Songs That Don’t Suck
I began toying with the idea of summer songs that get my rocks off. I disqualified anything that might already be on… Read more
'Blue Ruin' Film Review‘Blue Ruin’ Film Review
Certainly one of 2014's finest films, Blue Ruin hits Blu-Ray and DVD on July 22.… Read more
Editors' Picks: The Ramones (RIP)Editors’ Picks: The Ramones (RIP)
With the death of Tommy Ramone on July 11, the end of one of the most influential garage groups ever came to a shattering fin… Read more

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'Blue Ruin' Film Review
‘Blue Rui...
Certainly one of 2014's finest films, Blue Ruin hits Blu-Ray and DVD on July 22.… Read more

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