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Bonnie Raitt ‘Slipstream’ Music Review

April 11th, 2012  |  Published in Feature, Jazz & Blues

A Vivascene Music Review by Brian Miller

Vivascene rating 9.2

“Hearing myself in this new setting, how deep and effortlessly it went down, really inspired me to start a new record,” Raitt says. “Working with Joe Henry and his guys and then reuniting with mine really got my creative juices flowing again.”

Bonnie Raitt returns to the recording scene with Slipstream, her first album since 2005, and it’s one of her finest achievements in her many-storied career. It’s hard to believe she’s been making records since 1971, particularly since her honeyed voice is as rich as ever, and her slide guitar playing is on a par with the best blues players alive. What separates her from a dozen other gifted woman blues players is her penchant for choosing extraordinary material and creating something unique, untouchable and memorable. Here she teams up with the famed producer Joe Henry, as notable for his atmospherics as Daniel Lanois; the four numbers that Joe and Bonnie work on together are nothing less than sensational; they also happen to feature guitar wizards Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz.

Extraordinary material – without a doubt, from the likes of Bob Dylan, Gerry Rafferty and Randall Bramblett. Key tracks: the entirely recreated “Right Down The Line” from Rafferty’s late 70s masterpiece From City to City, two tracks from Dylan’s latter days Time Out Of Mind (“Million Miles” and “Standing In The Doorway”, and Joe Henry’s own “You Can’t Fail Me Now”.

You can stream the entire album Slipstream here.

This is music for adults, with sensibilities that come only through hard-won experience, and it’s sung and played with heart, conviction and talent. Bonnie Raitt has always had what it takes to tear apart the heart of the listener and hand it back to you healed, with newfound wisdom. Then the next moment she would launch into some of the raunchiest, tastiest blues you’ve ever heard. With Slipstream she proves she still possesses all of her gifts in spades.

Watch: “Right Down The Line”

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