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Rock of Ages: Neil Young ‘Time Fades Away’ Album Review 0

Neil Young’s first live album Time Fades Away hearkens back to 1973; it’s a wildly loose effort that is in sharp contradiction to its wildly successful and highly commercial predecessor ‘Harvest’.

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VIFF: ‘Stray Dogs’ Film Review 0

So glacially-paced as to make Warhol films look like The Fast and the Furious, Tsai Ming-liang‘s Stray Dogs is an operation of conscious, cold-blooded constraint. That said, for the patient viewer, wonderment awaits.

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VIFF: ‘Exit Elena’ Film Review 0

Writer/director Nathan Silver delivers ‘Exit Elena’, a film of inspired naturalism in a ball of fire comedy that is a small-scale triumph of cinematic form.

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VIFF: ‘The Strange Little Cat’ Film Review 0

The cool directorial debut of Raymond Zürcher’s The Strange Little Cat is a Kafkaesque comedy of wry observance and cruel domesticity.

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‘Dylan at the Opera’ Album Preview 6

From Diva de Lai comes a concept album composed of Bob Dylan songs rearranged in different rock styles with operatic vocal: it’s a unique blend of Rock and Opera with a first-rate choice of songs and marvellous execution.

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VIFF: ‘Halley’ Film Review 0

Sebastian Hoffman’s tale of creeping body terror is highly stylized, and freight fans might really latch on to ‘Halley’ for some of ghoulish pleasures offered up by this first-time director/writer.

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